Fire safety for motorsport & armoured vehicle applications.

SPA produce a wide range of FIA and MSA approved fire extinguishers for many different applications, from grass roots motorsport all the way to highest levels of motor racing. They also design and manufacture a wide range of fire suppression solutions for many other applications, including marine, defence, armoured vehicles, public transportation, haulage vehicles, farm machinery, power generators, in fact for anything with a potential fire hazard they have a product, or can design a solution to suit.

Their systems have been designed and tested to the highest standards available to withstand the harsh environment of motor racing, they offer a full range of FIA and MSA approved systems.

These systems range from stand alone through to a whole host of fully automatically activated fire extinguishers.

They pride themselves on using the best technology available to enhance their products and provide the best solutions available to you utilising the latest in Halon replacement gases to systems that use pyrotechnic devices rather than nitrogen pressurised cylinders for easy air transportation or special projects.

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